Aquatica's Top Five Chills

Holidays go at your own pace at Aquatica. Relax on white sand beaches, paddle in pristine wave pools and float the day away along lazy rivers. Tranquillity and relaxation await you…

1. Loggerhead Lane

Lie back on your inflatable ring whilst this lazy river carries you past breath-taking views of aquatic life. Float one way to enter a grotto that’s home to thousands of vibrant tropical fish. Float another way and you’ll pass by the Commerson’s dolphins habitat with a great view of the playful pod.

2. Beach

Catch some rays on Aquatica's 80,000 square foot white sand beach. Take a nap, build a sand castle or sip on an ice cold drink in the glorious Florida sun.

3. Cutback Cove & Big Surf Shores

Choose between the constantly rolling waves of Cutback Cove or the unpredictable lolling and crashing waves of Big Surf Shore. Whichever you choose, we know you'll enjoy the cool, refreshing water!

4. Walkabout Waters

Kids will love diving into a colourful blur of slides, rides, water cannons, ladders and a rain fortress. This 15,000 sq ft water play area is perfect for kids (and anyone who just wants to feel like a kid again)!

5. Kata's Kookaburra's Cove

Parents with toddlers, toddle this way! Play, paddle and splash with slides, rides and water spouts. With a maximum pool depth of only 2 foot, this is perfect splashy space for you and your little ones to cool down in the Florida sunshine.