Attractions at Discovery Cove

Get up close and personal with some of the friendliest, most playful animals in Florida! Swim through a serene lagoon to befriend a bottlenose dolphin before riding with it back to shore at our Dolphin Lagoon, or enter the magical underwater world of The Grand Reef, and snorkel with thousands of tropical fish against a backdrop of colourful coral. Then visit the Freshwater Oasis to frolic near a flock of fun-loving freshwater otters. Our amazing animals will make your memories last a lifetime!

Let your worries drift away at Discovery Cove. Float through serene coves, relax in beautiful tropical settings or enjoy our laid-back lagoons and send your cares out to sea. Take a gentle stroll to North Beach to relax on the perfect white sands, and watch dolphins frolic in the nearby waters. Discover the cascading waterfalls of Serenity Bay, and paddle in the shallows between soaking up sun on the white sand shore. Then play near the otters and marmosets at the Freshwater Oasis – with different depths to explore, you can float, wade, snorkel or dive at your own pace.

Water’s the word at Discovery Cove – get ready to splash, scuba and snorkel with some of the world’s most incredible animals!! Float your way down the warm, winding waters of the Freshwater Oasis to swim near friendly otters and chattering marmosets. Or head to The Grand Reef to discover the bewitching beauty of a vast underwater world – whether you’re a deep diver or a shallow splasher, amazing discoveries await! Then head to Wind-Away River for our most relaxing adventure and float your way to watery serenity. At Discovery Cove, life’s better, wetter!

The serene exhilaration of Discovery Cove makes it perfect for families of all ages – there’s plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Drift away together at the Wind-Away River, where gentle currents carry you past soft white sand, lush rainforests and tumbling waterfalls – or share your love of water with your little ones in Serenity Bay, where all ages splash, paddle and soak up the sunshine. Then make feathery friends in the Explorer’s Aviary, where brightly feathered birds swoop down to take feed right from your fingertips – the whole family will be delighted with their new friends!

Other Park Attractions