Aquatica's Top Five Thrills

Take on Florida’s wildest water rides and prepare to gasp, plunge, splash and scream. Aquatica has more high-thrill rides than any other water park in Florida! Which ride will you head to first?

1. KareKare Curl

Experience a feeling of weightlessness as you shoot up KareKare Curl's vertical wave wall. Are you brave enough to take on this brand new high-adrenaline ride?

2. Ray Rush

Brave the three-in-one thrills of Ray Rush, an action-packed water adventure the entire family can enjoy together. At nearly 60 feet tall, Ray Rush is where family and friends can slide, splash and soar like never before.

3. Ihu's Breakaway Falls

Step into one of three breakaway boxes at the top of Orlando's steepest multi-drop and prepare to face your fears. Try not to scream as the floor disappears below you and you plummet down this daunting slide.

4. Taumata Racer

Zoom in and out of tunnels and whip around a 360-degree turn, then whoosh down the staggeringly steep decent towards the finish line. 

5. Omaka Rocka

Hold on tight as your inflatable ring defies gravity by splashing up the walls of the tunnels. High speeds and big thrills await on this skateboarding inspired ride.