Shocked by mako

17 Jul 2019

I visited SeaWorld from Birmingham uk dec 2018 wasn't too bothered riding mako I'd seen online videos and wasn't impressed just a standard up and down coaster rather disappointing by orlando standards I thought
However halfway through the day I saw it had a 5 min line and I'd done most I wanted to do so I went through
First impressions of waiting area was amazing great theming and info on mako sharks
Then the ride
I sat down and smiled as makos " swam " above me!
I climbed the lift hill and dropped from that first pull over the hill mako did no disappoint anymore
I've never felt airtime on any rollercoaster anywhere on earth like that before the dives the swerves unbelievable I was hardly ever on my seat constantly floating in the air omg
When I got off that coaster I made my mind up
Mako is the best rollercoaster in Orlando
In fact the best coaster I've ever been on anywhere in the world
Thank you SeaWorld orlando
For everything you do

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