South London, UK

SeaWorld Parks Funds Vital Coral Reef Conservation Project

18 Nov 2016

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is helping fund a breakthrough project in South London which may hold a vital key to saving threatened reefs thanks to support from the trade.

The Horniman Museum and Gardens’ ‘Project Coral’ is a coral reproductive research project working with international partners to develop techniques to stimulate coral breeding, with great success so far. Project Coral was the first programme in the world to predictably induce broadcast coral spawning in a closed aquarium system, as well as carrying out the first successful in-vitro fertilisation of captive corals in the UK.

This breakthrough – of creating protocols to control captive coral spawning – means that  natural breeding patterns could in future be overridden and accelerated, supporting further coral research all over the world by opening up opportunities to examine the effects of climate change, aid restoration of the reefs and support sustainable livelihoods.

This is just the latest project to be funded via SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment’s Fun 2 Fund initiative where $2 from every sale of SeaWorld Parks Extras, or in-park add ons, such as behind the scenes and VIP tours, animal up close encounter and dining packages, is donated to UK conservation charities.

Marine biologist and the Horniman Museum and Gardens’ aquarium curator, Jamie Craggs, heads up the project. “Coral reefs are more important to us than most people realise”, he says. “They are relied on by an estimated 500 million people globally for food, income from tourism and protection from hurricanes, as well as being home to 25% of all marine life, but reefs are under threat. Project Coral’s breakthroughs will provide hope for the future of coral reefs in the wild but we couldn’t do this without funding.”

Dave Ody, Director of Sales and Marketing UK & Ireland, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, says: “The response to our SeaWorld Parks Extras programme has been phenomenal. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our trade partners who have really got behind the Fun 2 Fund donation programme. An easy way to support conservation is with a visit to our parks. Those guests upgrading their in-park experience are helping support fantastic conservation and education projects led by organisations here in the UK.”

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