Laikipia, Kenya

The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund Supports The Big Cat Sanctuary

01 Oct 2018

The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund is proud to have funded more charity projects thanks to the continued momentum in sales of SeaWorld Parks Extras.

Every pre-booked SeaWorld Parks Extra sold in the UK results in $2 being donated to a UK wildlife charity. In-park experiences, such as Quick Queue Unlimited, SeaVenture and All-Day Dining Deal, can be booked through SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment’s UK website or via any of the Company’s UK tour operators and ticket providers.

Funding from 2017 helped support the following vital conservation project:

The Big Cat Sanctuary’s innovative project to supply GPS tracking collars for the declining lion population in Laikipia county, Kenya. Working in partnership with a local group, Ol Pejeta, this project supported the development of conservation projects for wildlife and local people. GPS tracking collars helped obtain precise data on each lion’s movements, allowing researchers to study how they are interacted with the ecosystem and the local human population. This information has been critical for future lion conservation strategies in the region.

Giles Clark, Conservationist, Big Cat Expert and Managing Director at The Big Cat Sanctuary said: “I am overjoyed and so very grateful to have been awarded this grant, it enabled us to GPS collar another lion at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy to assist with their incredible conservation programme. We really have reached the critical stage where every individual count for African Lions. I can’t begin to comprehend Africa without its most awesome and iconic predator – the lion. Yet this is the very situation that our children and future generations may face. Like most apex predators the lion is integral in the health of the ecosystems of which it naturally occurs. It is only by implementation of holistic conservation efforts that this species has a future.”

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