Aeolian Islands

The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund Supports Blue Marine Foundation

01 Oct 2018

The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund is proud to have funded more charity projects thanks to the continued momentum in sales of SeaWorld Parks Extras. Every pre-booked SeaWorld Parks Extra sold in the UK results in $2 being donated to a UK wildlife charity. In-park experiences, such as Quick Queue Unlimited, SeaVenture and All-Day Dining Deal, can be booked through SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment’s UK website or via any of the Company’s UK tour operators and ticket providers.

Funding from 2017 helped support the following vital conservation project:

Blue Marine Foundation’s ground-breaking project aimed at conserving the bottlenose and striped dolphin population in the Aeolian Islands. Using high frequency ‘banana pingers’, this project helped assess the efficiency of a pinger to decrease the interaction between the dolphins and fishing nets while obtaining tangible economic benefits for the artisanal Aeolian fishery. The project has been completed successfully and found that ‘pingers’ did reduce dolphin/fisher conflict when used with certain fishing equipment.

Rory Moore, Project Manager and Marine Biologist for the Blue Marine Foundation, adds: “The Blue Marine Foundation is working in the Aeolian Islands and throughout the Mediterranean Sea to create a network of effectively managed Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). To ensure that these MPAs effectively restore biodiversity and are enduring, they must be efficiently managed and beneficial for small-scale, local fishers. This project not only protects an endangered population of cetaceans, it helped artisanal fishers to make a living through sustainable, non-destructive fishing. We’re delighted to be working with Fun2Fund for a second time and grateful for the funding provided in order to get this vital project off the ground.”

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