Pipeline: The Surf Coaster

World's First Surf Coaster
60 mph
54" or taller
2,950-feet of track

Feel the power of the ocean in a whole new way on the world’s first Surf Coaster.

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The innovative design elements that make this a first-of-its-kind roller coaster are the surfing launch and wave jumping motions that riders will experience. The unique surfboard-shaped ride vehicle will give you an immersive experience from the moment it starts. You will be secured on the roller coaster in a surfing position and will be launched at top speeds, feeling as if you are catching a wave. Riders will then feel like they are hanging loose when their seats rise and fall to mimic the sensation of riding on a wave while sending you through several gnarly twists and turns.

You will get the rush of cutting through waves as you race up to heights of 110-feet in the air and feel like you are about to wipe out when you go upside down on a wave curl along the 2,950-feet of track. Pipeline will reach maximum speeds of 60 mph, with five different airtime moments and lasts a total of 1 minute and 50 seconds. Get ready to embark on a journey you have never been on before.

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