Couple Tie The Knot In Antarctica: Empire Of The Penguins

17 Feb 2014

An adventurous couple who met in Antarctica has tied the knot in SeaWorld Orlando's icy Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin attraction.

The bride and groom braved temperatures of -1◦C and shared their big day with 250 king, adélie, gentoo and rockhopper penguins - all dressed in their black and white "tuxedos" fit for the occasion.

The couple, Susanne Grieve and Jeff Rawson, met when they were both working in Antarctica in 2012, braving average temperatures of minus 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Fresh produce and mail were two of the many conveniences the couple went without during their time in Antarctica.


"Antarctica is such a beautiful and intense environment. When you experience that with someone, the bond you create is rare. Having our wedding in this realm that so perfectly captures the ess

ence of the continent brought me right back to the day Jeff and I met," Susanne explained.

"Having our wedding here really represented the place we built our relationship. It was so fascinating to see the elements the designers replicated from this continent only a handful of people would ever typically be able to experience."

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