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Orlando, Florida

Discovery Cove Unveils All-New Flamingo Point Habitat

03 May 2024

Discovery Cove has opened its highly anticipated Flamingo Point habitat, a new addition to the park that offers guests an immersive and educational experience while promoting conservation efforts for the magnificent birds. Flamingo Point is a vibrant and spacious environment nestled within the lush landscapes of Discovery Cove, providing a serene setting for guests to observe the graceful creatures up close throughout the day while learning from the park’s expert aviculturists. Viewing these magnificent birds, in their new home, will be included with admission.

If you're  looking for an up-close experience with flamingos, then look no further as you can enjoy multiple Flamingo Mingle programs offered throughout the day while also supporting conservation efforts. Five percent of Flamingo Mingle proceeds will be donated to Audubon Florida as part of a new partnership between the two organisations dedicated protecting birds and the places they need.

“We are excited to open Flamingo Point. As with The Grand Reef, Dolphin Lagoon, and other animal habitats here at Discovery Cove, Flamingo Point does double duty as a safe, familiar environment for these beautiful birds, while also serving as an amazing opportunity for our guests to observe and learn the importance of conservation. Continuing our commitment to protection of animals in wild places, we’re happy to announce a partnership with Audubon Florida, where we can work together to educate our guest about how they can protect wild birds and ecosystems,” said Brad Gilmour, Discovery Cove’s Park President. “All while helping make a positive impact on the future of flamingos and their natural habitats.”

“For many, flamingos are emblematic of Florida, but they need our help to make a comeback in the Sunshine State,” says Julie Wraithmell, Executive Director of Audubon Florida. “It’s important for people to see and learn about these amazing birds because the more they know, the more they care. That’s why we’re so grateful for this partnership with Discovery Cove, that not only supports our overall mission, but also inspires people to help protect and preserve flamingos and their habitats so they can flock back to Florida.”



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