Our Statement On Virgin's Pledge

30 Sep 2014

SeaWorld welcomed the opportunity to participate, along with similarly accredited organisations, in the six-month stakeholder engagement process conducted by Virgin Unite on marine mammals.  We have always been willing to lend our expertise to any objective, science-based process that seeks to assure the health and welfare of animals living in professionally operated zoological institutions.

SeaWorld has supported efforts to protect and conserve our oceans for future generations since we first opened our doors 50 years ago.  We were pleased to share this commitment with Virgin Holidays, and fully support their pledge concerning the collection of whales and dolphins from the wild -- something SeaWorld hasn’t done in decades. The millions of guests who come through our gates each year are not only inspired and educated by what our parks offer, but they are also key contributors to the important conservation and research we do that helps protect wildlife and wild places. We thank Virgin for recognising the vital role zoological facilities can play in ocean preservation and conservation and look forward to working with them on these efforts in the future.

Learn more about how we care for animals, how we are accredited, and our valuable conservation work spanning 50 years.

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