SeaWorld Returns Comber The Rescued Sea Turtle To Ocean

21 Oct 2016

Yesterday “Comber,” a rescued male Pacific green sea turtle, was returned to the ocean off the Southern California coast after being given a second chance at life by SeaWorld San Diego and the Vancouver Aquarium.

The sea turtle was rescued in January after being found stranded and cold stunned on a Vancouver Island beach in British Columbia, Canada.  Comber was transferred from the Vancouver Aquarium to SeaWorld San Diego in April to complete his recovery in the park’s Animal Rescue Center.

Weighing the same as a baby horse, the sea turtle was given a clean bill of health by SeaWorld’s veterinarians after six months of care in a warm-water rehabilitation pool.

Comber was fitted with a satellite transmitter prior to being returned to the ocean to allow scientists to monitor if Comber demonstrates appropriate survival movements and behaviours now that he is back in his natural habitat.

So far in 2016, SeaWorld San Diego has come to the aid of more than 425 marine mammals, more than 430 marine birds and six sea turtles.

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